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Responding to instant message invitations
If you are invited to an instant messaging session, an invitation is displayed that shows the name of the user who invited you.

Do this
decline the invitation
Click Decline.
The sender (but not other participants) is notified that you have declined.
decline the invitation without sending a notification
Click Ignore.
join the instant messaging session
Click Accept.
The Instant Message form opens and your name is added to the "Participants" list in the Instant Message forms of all participants.

81203_42935_18.png        Tip
Before you respond to an invitation, or during the instant message session, you can open the résumé of the person who invited you, or any other participant, to see more information about them. To do this, open the context menu from the person's name, then choose Résumé.
If you are engaged in multiple instant message sessions, you can switch among them by clicking the appropriate Instant Message form.

Joining public chat rooms
Public chat rooms appear with this icon:
When a chat room has active participants, there is a red balloon beside its icon:
To join the chat room, double-click it.