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Contributing to instant messages
To contribute to an instant message:
1       Type your input in the input pane of the Instant Message form.
You can format your input and embed pictures and other files just as you can in any content. You can also double-click embedded pictures to open them in a viewer window.
While you type your input, this icon tells other participants that you are preparing to send input:
2       Click Send or press Enter/Return.
As participants enter the instant messaging session and contribute to it, the transcript pane fills with everyone's input.

Leaving instant messages
When you are ready to leave the instant messaging session, close the Instant Message form. Other participants are notified that you have left.
If you will be unavailable for awhile, but don't want to leave the instant message permanently, you can make this icon appear beside your name in the "Participants" list, to let other participants know that you aren't currently available:
To do this, click Pause. When you are ready to rejoin the instant messaging session, click Pause again to remove the icon, or just send more input.