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Creating tasks directly in calendars
To add a task to a calendar:
1       Open the calendar.
2       Choose File > New > New Task.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcuts

Use in views
Does what
Double-click the blank space.
Today list
Opens a new task form with a start date of today.
Open the context menu and choose New Task.
all except Today list
Opens a new task form with a start date/time based on where you opened the context menu.
Click the blank space, type the task name, and press Enter/Return.
Today list
Creates a task that starts today.
To color the task, choose Color from the context menu.
To add any other details, open the task.

3       Update the basic task information on the Task tab of the Task form.
If you add reminders to the task, this icon is displayed beside it:
4       Update the Advanced tab, if you want to set other advanced options.
5       Attach files or add content just as you would for a message, if necessary.

Adding tasks from other calendars
You can copy tasks from one calendar to another. This can be useful for adding tasks from group calendars to your personal calendar.
To copy a task to another calendar, drag it from the source calendar to the appropriate date on the target calendar.

Using messages and documents to create tasks
You can drag a message or document into an open calendar to create a new task. A copy of the message or document is attached to the task. The original message or document remains unchanged.
To do this, drag the message or document to the Today list.