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About calendar reminders
When you create an event or task, you can tell FirstClass to generate a reminder.
If you are logged in, a reminder will appear as a popup window at the time you specified when you created the event or task. In the case of an event, this reminder will appear for each participant based on that participant's preferences.

Do this
see the details of the event or task
Click Details in the popup window.
make this reminder reappear
Specify when you want to see the reminder again at "Snooze", then click Snooze.

If you aren't logged in, the reminder is sent to your Mailbox as a message.
To specify a default reminder time for all events and tasks that you create, and for events to which you are invited, select "Set default reminder" and choose or type the time in your preferences.

Forwarding calendar reminders to pagers
FirstClass can notify you of calendar reminders through your pager, if you have an email-enabled paging system.
To forward calendar reminders to your pager, update your paging preferences. Choose Yes or Urgent Only at "Calendar items".