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Changing events
To change details about an event that you created, open it, make your changes, then close the event form.
If you change the start date, the event will move to the new date on the calendar. The event is also moved and reflagged on participants' calendars.
Try to minimize updating events with participants. Participants can customize their copies of events, and your updates will override that customization. You can safely update the color, category, or reminder information, and this won't interfere with participants' copies of the event.
If you delete a participant, the event is removed from that participant's calendar.
81203_42521_14.png        Exceptions
Updates will not be reflected in the calendars of users who were invited as part of a mail list, or are participants of an event created in a group calendar.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcuts
To change the date of an event, you can drag it to a new date. Dragging an event to the Today list is the same as dragging it to today's date on the calendar.
You can also copy an event to another date by pressing Control (Windows, Linux) or Option (Mac) while dragging it.
To change the time of an event in month or week view, you can hover the cursor over it and drag, just as you can in an opened event form. In day view, drag the event to a new time, or change the start or end time by dragging the top or bottom of the event box.

Changing one occurrence of a repeating event
If you make a change to an event which is one of a series of repeating events, then close the event, you are asked which events you want to change.

Updating received events
If you are invited to an event, a copy of the event is added to your personal calendar.
You can change the color or category of this event, and change when (or if) a reminder is generated for the event. This customization only affects your copy of the event.
You can also click a different response button (Accept, Tentative, or Decline). Others will see the icon beside your name that corresponds to your new response.