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About calendars
Your personal FirstClass calendar is like a personal organizer. It records calendar events and tasks.
Unlike a personal organizer, you can permit other people to view and update your FirstClass calendar. This allows everyone to schedule meetings at mutually convenient times.
FirstClass calendars work much like conferences; your administrator may create public calendars and give you access to them, or you can create your own calendars and give others access to them.

Types of calendars
FirstClass supports the following types of calendars:

personal calendar
Your own calendar.
You can limit others' access to your personal calendar by updating your calendar permissions, just as you would update the permissions of a calendar that you created.
group calendar
A public calendar that lets a specific group of people coordinate their time and tasks.
resource calendar
A public calendar that represents a specific resource, such as a projector.
A resource calendar is updated when users book the resource as part of creating a calendar event.
location calendar
A public calendar that represents a specific resource, such as a meeting room.
Location calendars are updated just like resource calendars.

Opening calendars
To open your personal calendar, choose File > Open > Calendar.
To open another user's calendar, choose Open User Calendar from the context menu in the Directory, Who's Online list, message envelopes, or instant messages.

Printing calendars
To print a calendar immediately, click the Print toolbar button. The active pane is printed in the current view.
If you choose File > Print, the Print Layout form opens, allowing you to specify the dates and view you want to print.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Any changes that you make on the Print Layout form are not saved as defaults when you open this form using File > Print.