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Interrupting file transfers
FirstClass lets you interrupt file transfers before they are complete, and, in some cases, resume these transfers from the point they were interrupted. You may also be able to resume file transfers that were interrupted due to problems such as power failures.
You can interrupt a file transfer as long as the Cancel button is still displayed on the File Transfer form. To interrupt the file transfer, click Cancel.
If you try to disconnect from the server or quit FirstClass before a file has been transferred, you are notified of the file transfer. To stay connected and continue the file transfer, click Cancel. To disconnect immediately and interrupt the file transfer, click Disconnect Now. If you do nothing, the file transfer is completed before you are disconnected or FirstClass quits.
The name of a file that has not been completely transferred is in italics.

Resuming file transfers to servers
Whether you are uploading a file directly to a container or attaching a file to a message, you can resume an interrupted transfer. If the file was being attached to a message, you can resume the file transfer as long as the message is unsent.
To resume a file transfer, select the partially transferred file, then repeat the file transfer procedure you followed originally. The balance of the file is transferred.

Resuming file transfers to your computer
To resume a file download to your computer, repeat the download procedure you followed originally. Select the same destination as you did before, and replace the existing file when prompted. The balance of the file is downloaded.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
If you try to resume file transfer by dragging the file, the file transfer will start from the beginning.