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You can import bookmarks (favorites) from your web browser into your FirstClass Bookmarks folder in two ways:
•       using a button while you are in your web browser
•       from a file of bookmarks exported from your web browser.

Importing bookmarks using an add bookmarks button
The first time you open your Bookmarks folder in FirstClass, you are asked if you want to be able to add bookmarks from your web browser. Even if you say no, you can still do this later by clicking Add Browser Buttons in your Bookmarks folder.
If you click Yes, FirstClass will add an Add to FirstClass Bookmarks button to Internet Explorer and Firefox (Windows), or Safari and Firefox (Mac). Those are the only browsers that work with this feature, and FirstClass will add buttons to both, if both are installed on your computer.
In your web browser, clicking Add to FirstClass Bookmarks will prompt you to enter your FirstClass user ID and password, and will then add a link to the current web page in your Bookmarks folder.

Importing bookmarks from a file
To import bookmarks from a file:
1       Export the bookmarks from your web browser to a file.
2       Log into FirstClass.
3       Open your Bookmarks folder.
4       Click Import Bookmarks.
5       Select the file.