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You can do the following with links:
•       test them
•       change their properties, including what they link to
•       list all links that are in an object, and work with the links from this list
•       delete them.
To delete a link, select the link icon, then choose Edit > Clear. Special formatting is removed from the link text.

Testing links
To test a link, use one of the following methods:
•       select the link icon, or click the link text or picture, then choose File > Open > Open Link
•       Control-click (Windows, Linux) or Option-click (Mac) the link
•       double-click the link icon, then click Test Link.

Changing link properties
You can change the following properties for a link:
•       the target to which the link connects
•       the link title
•       the window in which the link opens.
To change properties for a link:
1       Select the link icon, then choose Format > Format Link.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Double-click the link icon.
2       Update the Format Link form.

Listing links
To list all links in your content, choose Edit > List Links. The list shows the link text for all your links, in the order they occur in your content.
From the Link List form, you can select a link, then:

click Show
to select the link in the content
click Open
to open the target
click Edit
to change link properties