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You can do the following with markers:
•       rename them
•       list all markers that are in an object, and work with the markers from this list
•       move them
To move a marker to another location in this object, drag it.
•       delete them.
To delete a marker, select it, then choose Edit > Clear.

Renaming markers
To rename a marker:
1       Select the marker, then choose Format > Format Marker.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Double-click the marker.
2       Type the new name.

Listing markers
To list all markers in your content, choose Edit > List Markers. The list shows the names of your markers, in the order they occur in your content.
From the Marker List, you can select a marker, then click:

Selects the marker in the content.
Renames the marker.