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Sorting your contacts
In addition to sorting your contacts by clicking the applicable column heading in list view, you can also also sort them by:
•       last name, then first name (all contacts with the same last name are grouped, then sorted by first name)
•       first name, then last name
•       category name, then last name (this is useful if you assigned categories to your contacts when you created them)
•       company name, then last name.
To sort contacts in these ways, click the Quick Sort dropdown arrow, then choose the sort you want. Clicking the button itself sorts your contacts by last name, then first name.

Grouping your contacts
You can create contact databases within your Contacts folder, or another contact database, to organize contact information.
For example, you can create a contact database for all contacts involved with a special project, then move or copy entries into this contact database. You can share this contact database just as you would any other contact database.