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Activating notification
You activate notification in your settings file. If you use multiple settings files, you can activate notification in some settings files but not in others. This lets you customize notification behavior so that, for example, you are notified about new mail on one server, but not another, or about new mail to one of your user IDs, but not another.
To activate notification:
1       Choose Collaborate > Connect.
2       Make sure the settings file for which you want notification active is displayed at "Address".
3       Click Setup.
4       Select "Notify me of new mail when offline".
5       Type your password for this connection at "Notifier password", if it is not saved in this settings file.

What you can do from the notification popup
The notification popup provides a description of a new message, unless either the FirstClass client or the server have just been restarted. The popup also contains the following buttons:

Displays a description of the previous new message.
Displays a description of the next new message.
Closes the notification popup.
Opens the FirstClass Login form, so that you can connect to the server that received the mail.