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About S/MIME messages
Your administrator determines the level of security that FirstClass normally uses for the exchange of email, and you can specify the security level for particular connections.
If you want to send a message containing particularly sensitive material at a security level that is higher than normal, you can take advantage of FirstClass' S/MIME support. This support works on a per-message basis, so that you can continue to use FirstClass' normal security level for regular messages.
S/MIME is a method for sending and receiving encrypted messages, typically involving the exchange of digital certificates that contain encryption keys.
To use an S/MIME message, both you and your intended recipient must have secure certificates. For help in obtaining certificates, contact your administrator. What follows is a general description of the procedure that both you and your intended recipient must follow.

Obtaining secure certificates
You must order a secure certificate from a third party, known as a certificate authority. You will receive a link from the certificate authority for downloading your certificate.
To download the certificate, you normally use the same browser and computer you used when you requested the certificate. The certificate installs on your computer after the download.
After your certificate is installed on your computer, you must generate a certificate file.