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Forwarding messages
When you receive a message, you can forward this message to another user or a conference. You can forward fax and voice messages just as you would a text message. To forward a message:
1       Select or open the message.
2       Choose Message > Forward.
This creates a copy of the message, including any attachments. The "Subject" field contains "Fwd:" and the subject of the original message. Your name, and the name of the original sender, are in the "From" field. The body starts with a separator and, depending on your preferences, a summary of the original message's envelope information.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
The envelope summary is only added if the message was open when you forwarded it.
3       Address the message.
4       Make any changes you want to the message body.
5       Send the message.

Forwarding messages automatically
You can forward your messages to another user or a conference automatically. This is useful, for example, when you go on vacation and you want your mail answered by someone else.
To forward your messages automatically, update the "Automatically forward" fields in your preferences.

Forwarding messages to pagers
FirstClass can notify you of new messages through your pager, if you have an email-enabled paging system. To forward new messages to your pager, update your preferences.