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Making messages urgent
An urgent message appears in bold. Where applicable, it also invokes special gateway handling.
To make an unsent message urgent, choose Message > Priority > Priority Urgent with the message open.

Making messages low priority
Some gateways have special handling for low priority (bulk) mail. Check with your administrator to see if making messages low priority is useful to you.
To make an unsent message low priority, choose Message > Priority > Priority Bulk with the message open.

Preventing generation of nondelivery notices
By default, FirstClass sends a nondelivery notice (NDN) to your Mailbox if your message can't be delivered.
If you don't want to receive an NDN for a particular message, choose Message > Receipt > Suppress NDN with the message open.

Setting message sensitivity
Currently, message sensitivity has no effect on how FirstClass handles messages. It is provided as information for the recipient, and could be used by third-party gateways.
By default, messages are assigned normal sensitivity. To change sensitivity, choose Message > Sensitivity, then one of the following:
•       Sensitivity Personal
•       Sensitivity Private
•       Sensitivity Company.