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Message forms
FirstClass includes two versions of a standard message form, plus special forms that you can use to create new messages. The default icon associated with a message reflects the form used to create the message.

The standard message forms
You can use one of two forms as your standard message form (the form you see when you choose Message > New Message). One version of this form will be familiar to those of you who have used FirstClass before. The other version will be familiar to people who have worked with Outlook Express.
Choose the version of the standard message form you want at "New mail form" in your preferences.

About stationery
Your administrator may create partially completed message forms as stationery. These message forms often contain information such as the address to which a message will be sent. Depending on how your administrator set up stationery, you may not be able to change prefilled information.
Stationery appears in the top pane. It works just like a paper pad of message forms; you "tear one off" and fill it in.

About personal stationery
You can create personal stationery that works like the stationery created by your administrator. If you send a lot of messages with common information, such as messages addressed to the same person or conference, or on the same subject, you will find personal stationery a convenient shortcut when creating these messages.