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About mail rules
Basic mail rules tell FirstClass how to handle the following mail:
•       messages that you send
Rules only affect the copies of the sent mail that are left in your Mailbox (local copies).
•       messages that you receive in your Mailbox
•       messages that are received by conferences.
Each set of mail rules is associated with a particular container, and is stored in that container's Rules & Resources folder. You can set up rules for your Mailbox and for any conferences for which you have this permission.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
If you want to use a rule to move received mail to another container (the target) and have the target container flag when it contains unread mail, make sure the target is a conference, not a folder. Folders don't flag.
For each container, separate rules control mail received by the container and mail sent from the container. Received mail rules apply to all containers, and run whenever that container receives mail from anyone. Sent mail rules apply to your Mailbox, and run whenever you send mail.
You can set up multiple rules for both received and sent mail. Each rule specifies a particular type of mail, and how FirstClass is to handle that mail. For example, your Mailbox may have rules to:
•       delete all mail received from a specific address (such as
•       file all mail with a certain subject in a specified subcontainer.
You can open rules to update them, just as you would update other FirstClass objects.

Sharing rules
You can move or copy rules among containers' Rules & Resources folders, and send rules as message attachments to other users.