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Thumbnailing pictures
If you have an overly large picture to embed, you can embed a thumbnail of it to make it display faster.
Thumbnailing doesn't change the size at which the picture embeds. You control the size of the embedded thumbnail just as you do the size of any other embedded picture. Thumbnailing also doesn't affect the size of the picture when opened in the viewer window.
To thumbnail an embedded picture:
1       Select "View image as thumbnail" on the Format Image form.
You can also specify the thumbnail quality. The higher the quality, the bigger the file size will be, and the longer the picture will take to display.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
The file size bears no relation to the size at which you view the embedded picture.
2       Specify the size at which you want to view the thumbnail at "View size".

Thumbnailing pictures automatically
If you want to thumbnail all embedded pictures over a certain size, you can use your preferences instead of the Format Image form.
Select "Thumbnail large images" and specify the maximum width and height an embedded picture can be before FirstClass will automatically thumbnail it and resize it to the size you specify in your preferences.