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FirstClass lets you open an embedded picture in a separate viewer window. To do this, double-click the picture.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
If you double-click a placeholder, and the embedded file can be viewed by another application on your computer, the file is automatically opened in that application.
In the viewer window, you can control how the file is displayed, and print and save the file. If there is room, the picture is displayed at its original size.

Do this
rotate the display
Choose View > Image > Rotate Left or Rotate Right.
resize the display
If you don't resize the display, any embedded pictures that were resized or thumbnailed are shown at their original size.
Choose View > Image, then the appropriate menu command.
You can also click Use Zoom Tool, then click the display to enlarge it. To make this display smaller again, Control-click (Windows, Linux) or Option-click (Mac) while the Use Zoom Tool control is still active.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Resizing the viewer window makes the display grow or shrink to fit, if Image > Fit to Window is selected.
pan a display that is larger than the viewer window
Click Use Hand Grab Tool, then drag the display to see the parts that are hidden.
select an area of the display for copying to the clipboard
Click Use Select Tool, then click and drag over the area, starting at the top left corner of the area you want to select. Release the cursor when you are at the bottom right corner of the area.
A selection marquee is displayed around the area.
select the whole display
Choose Edit > Select All.
print the file
Choose File > Print or click the Print toolbar button.
If you chose File > Print, the Print Layout form opens, allowing you to specify how you want to print the file.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
Any changes that you make on the Print Layout form are not saved as defaults when you open this form using File > Print.