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When FirstClass is first installed, embedded pictures are shown by default. If you want to speed up the time it takes to open objects containing pictures, you can hide these pictures by default. When you hide pictures, they are indicated by placeholders.

Do this
hide embedded pictures
Thumbnailed pictures will still be displayed.
Clear "Always show images" in your preferences.
show all hidden embedded pictures in an object
Choose View > Show Images with the object open.
show a specific embedded picture, or any other embedded file that FirstClass is not able to display
Open the context menu from the placeholder, then choose Open.
If FirstClass does not support the format of the file, it tries to open the file using the application associated with it on your computer. For example, a .cdr file is opened in CorelDRAW®, if you have this application.

81203_42521_14.png        Note
If you set your preferences to hide embedded pictures, then show pictures in a particular object, this is just a temporary view. The next time you open this object, the pictures are hidden again.