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You can select any content (for example, text or an embedded picture) and save that content's formatting as a temporary style that is available for reuse until you quit the client. All formatting applicable to the selection is saved, including paragraph formatting.

Saving a temporary style
1       Select the content that has the formatting you want to save.
If you are only interested in the paragraph formatting, you still have to select something, rather than just clicking within the paragraph. Remember that you will be saving the text/picture formatting as well.
2       Choose Format > Sample Current Style.
You can change the saved style during your current client session by repeating these steps.

Applying the saved style
1       Select the content to which you want to apply the saved style.
To apply the saved paragraph formatting, you must select the entire paragraph. Remember that you will also be applying any saved text/picture formatting.
2       Choose Format > Use Sampled Style.