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About embedded files
An object can contain picture files that are embedded directly in the content. If FirstClass supports the file type of an embedded file, the file contents are displayed; otherwise, a placeholder is displayed.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You can also embed other types of files, such as text files and sound files. As is the case for pictures, FirstClass will indicate these files with a placeholder if it can't display their contents.
To see a description of an embedded picture (if one was supplied), display the picture or placeholder's tooltip.

About thumbnails
Embedded pictures are shown as thumbnails (resized versions) if:
•       they are very small or resized to 25% or less of their original size
•       they are large, and you have "Thumbnail large images" set in your preferences
•       the authors specified that those particular pictures be shown as thumbnails when they were embedded.