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If you copy a table from FirstClass or an external application that supports rich text format (.rtf), it will automatically paste into FirstClass content as a table.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You can copy a FirstClass table and paste it into a .rtf file in another application.

How your selection affects what is copied
When you copy from a table, your selection determines what gets copied.

If you selected
This happens
a single cell or content from a single cell
the cell or content is copied without the table
multiple cells or the whole table
those cells and their contents are copied as a table

How your selection affects what is pasted
When you paste, your selection at the time you paste determines what happens.

If you
This happens
just clicked where you wanted to paste
The copied material is inserted there.
If the copied material is a table, it is pasted as a new table.
You can also use this method to insert rows/columns into an existing table.
selected an entire table (or tables)
The copied material replaces your selection.
selected multiple cells, and your copied material is a table
The contents of the selected cells are replaced with the contents of the copied cells.
You can use this method to replace, for example, the contents of a row in one table with the contents of a row from another table.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
FirstClass will only replace the contents of the same number of cells as you copied. If you copied fewer cells than you select for pasting, the contents of the extra selected cells are deleted. If you copied more cells than you select for pasting, the extra copied cells are ignored.

If your copied material isn't a table, it is pasted into the first selected cell, and the contents of the other selected cells are deleted.

Pasting delimited text as a table
You can also paste text that is tab, comma, or paragraph delimited as a FirstClass table. To do this:
1       Click where you want to paste the table.
2       Choose Edit > Paste Special.
3       Update the Paste Special form.