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Changing paragraph alignment
You can align a paragraph with the left margin, the right margin, or the center of the body.
To align a selected paragraph, use one of these methods:
•       choose Format > Align, then the alignment you want
•       choose the alignment you want from the edit bar
•       choose Format > Format Paragraphs, then choose your alignment option at "Alignment".

Changing paragraph spacing
You can change both the spacing between lines within a paragraph and the amount of space above it.
To change a selected paragraph's spacing:
1       Choose Format > Format Paragraphs.
2       Enter your spacing requirements at "Space above" and "Line space".
As a guideline to how many pixels to specify for space above a paragraph, this paragraph has 6 pixels above it.

Indenting paragraphs
You can change the indentation of a paragraph from the left and right margins. In addition, you can set a separate indentation value for the first line of the paragraph.
To indent or outdent a selected paragraph, use one of these methods:
•       choose Format > Increase Indent to indent to the next tab stop, or Format > Decrease Indent to outdent to the previous tab stop
This affects left indentation only.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Triple-click the paragraph, then press Tab to indent or Shift-Tab to outdent.
•       drag both top and bottom triangles at the end of the ruler
Depending on the end of the ruler you work with, this affects left or right indentation of the whole paragraph. To change the first line indentation, drag just the top left triangle.
•       choose Format > Format Paragraphs, then specify the indentation you want at "Left side", "First line", and "Right side".
To indent or outdent from the left one tab stop at a time, click the arrow buttons.