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Editing content
You can use standard editing functions such as copy, cut, and paste on your content.
To move content (such as text or a picture) from one place to another within the same object, select it, then drag it to the desired location. If you press Control (Windows, Linux) or Option (Mac) as you drag, you will copy the content instead of moving it.

Undoing editing changes
Immediately after you have made a change in the body, you can undo it by choosing Edit > Undo Operation.
Redoing editing
To redo editing that you have just undone, choose Edit > Redo Operation.
Undoing all changes
Remember that if you are working on an object that you created and saved previously, you can undo all changes that you have made while this object was open by choosing Edit > Revert to Saved. This affects content as well as information in the envelope.