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Embedding pictures
To embed a picture into your content, use one of the following methods:
•       drag the picture or a picture file to the body
•       copy the picture to the clipboard, then choose Edit > Paste or Paste Special
•       click the location in the body where you want the picture to appear, then choose Edit > Insert > Insert File.

How pictures are embedded
The file format of an embedded picture depends on how you embedded the picture.

If the picture was embedded by
The picture file format is
choosing Insert File
the same format as the original
choosing Paste, or dragging the picture to the content
the best format as determined by FirstClass (either .png or .jpg), as a thumbnail
For example, photographs paste as .jpg.
choosing Paste Special
the format that you chose when you pasted the picture.
In the case of .jpg files, the file resolution and size depend on the "JPEG quality" value you chose on the Paste Special form.

81203_42935_18.png        Tip
If your content has a background, and you want your embedded picture to be transparent (so the background shows around the picture, instead of a white rectangle), embed the picture as .png, and don't make it a thumbnail.

Changing picture properties
You can change the following properties of an embedded picture:
•       the picture size
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcut
Drag the borders of a selected picture to resize it.
You can also thumbnail the picture.
•       the picture alignment (right, left, or aligned within the text so that the picture flows along the line with the text)
•       the width of the blank space (padding) around the picture
If the picture is in a paragraph by itself, you can also adjust the spacing above it by changing the paragraph spacing.
•       text that describes the picture.
To change picture properties:
1       Select the picture by clicking it.
2       Choose Format > Format Image.
3       Update the Format Image form.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You can also change the properties of a placeholder for an unsupported file type. Choose Format > Format Embedded File to open the Format Embedded File form (which is similar to the Format Image form).