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About conferences
A conference lets a number of users exchange information online. You can send a message to a conference just as you would send a message to another user. You can also open a conference and read the messages posted there by others. A conference icon is flagged when the conference contains unread mail.
Conferences can be created by your administrator, or by yourself or other users. On your Desktop, you will only see those conferences which you have created or placed there, or to which you have been subscribed. You can also see any subconferences within a conference to which you have been subscribed. If there is another conference that you want to see on your Desktop, ask the conference owner to subscribe you to it.
Clicking the Conferences application button opens the public conferences conference on your Desktop and hides all objects in the tree view that aren't conferences.

What you can do in conferences
The conference owner determines what you can do in a conference.
For example, you may only be able to read messages in a conference that covers personnel policies, but be able to send messages to a conference that deals with a project that you are working on. In this case, the personnel conference serves as a way to broadcast information. The project conference lets everyone involved in the project discuss it.