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To use this feature with Linux, you must associate the file extension .fc with FirstClass.
You can connect to a server as soon as you start FirstClass, without having to update the FirstClass Login form. To do this, you must use a settings file configured for automatic login to start FirstClass.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
For security reasons, we recommend that you do this only in an environment where other users can't access your computer.
To configure the settings file:
1       Start FirstClass.
2       Choose the settings file at "Address" on the FirstClass Login form, or type the name for a new settings file.
3       Click Setup.
4       Update the "User ID" and "Password" fields on the Service Setup form, if these are blank.
If this is a new settings file, also update the fields required for your connection.
5       Select "Automatically" at "Login".
To use this settings file to connect automatically, double-click it or drag it over your FirstClass application.
You can disable automatic connection by pressing Control (Windows, Linux) or Option (Mac) while you open the settings file.