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FirstClass stores the information needed to connect to a server in a settings file. Settings files can also store resources used by FirstClass, such as forms, pictures, and sounds. In Windows, settings files always end in .fc.
FirstClass includes a home.fc settings file. If you downloaded FirstClass from your server and followed the instructions there, this settings file already knows your server's name.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
If you just use home.fc to connect to your server, and this connection works well the first time you click the Login button, you will not need to configure your connection. You only need to read the information about configuring if you must change connection information for home.fc or you want to configure a connection to another server.
Your administrator may have provided you with a settings file that contains the necessary information for logging into your server. If this is the case, put this file in the FirstClass Settings folder.