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To autoregister:
1       Double-click the FirstClass icon.
2102006_20027_2.png        Linux
The way you start FirstClass depends on how you made it available (for example, as a launcher on the Linux panel).
2       Ensure that "Registered user" is selected on the FirstClass Login form.
Don't fill in any other fields.
3       Click the Login button.
4       Update the Autoregistration form.
5       Click Register.
6       Record your user ID and password from the confirmation form for future use.
7       Click one of the following:

Opens your FirstClass Desktop.
Opens your FirstClass Desktop and saves your user ID and password in the settings file.
If you click Save, your user ID and password will be displayed on the FirstClass Login form the next time you choose this server. If you don't want this information displayed automatically for security reasons, click OK instead.