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To see a list of all servers to which your computer is connected, and all user IDs used for these connections, choose Collaborate > List Connections.
The Connections List shows this information:

whether the connection is encrypted
If the connection is encrypted, you will see a lock icon like the one below; otherwise, this column is blank:
Site Name
the server to which you are connected
User ID
the user ID with which you are connected to this server
Connect Time
the length of time you have been connected, in hh:mm:ss format
Time Left
the length of time you have left before you will be automatically logged off
Your administrator may have defined a maximum time that you can be connected per day. If no time shows here, you do not have a daily connection time limit for this server and user ID.
the number of objects open for this connection

To bring all windows for a particular connection to the foreground, in the order they were opened, double-click the connection in the list.