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Files you need to download
By default, only local network and Internet connections are supported by the FirstClass client. If you are using Windows and have a modem connection, you must install files that support your protocol. These files are available from the Downloads section of our web site.
Download the appropriate .fcp file to the FirstClass FCP folder.
If you are going to use a modem, you must also download the appropriate modem file (.mdm) to the FirstClass Modems folder.

Protocols used by modem connections Only applies to Windows.
Because there are different types of modem connections, there are different protocols that support these connections:

Windows modem (TAPI)
Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, or later, include TAPI, a technology that lets you configure modem connections using system information already known to Windows.
FirstClass modem
Use this protocol if you want to use FirstClass' own Windows modem handling. You will have to supply more information than you would for a Windows modem connection.
This protocol is available for compatibility with older Windows systems and connection configurations. If you have a newer Windows system, we recommend that you use the Windows modem protocol.
ISDN (CAPI) Adapter
ISDN is a digital telephone line that provides greater speed than a regular telephone line.

Information you must supply
To configure your particular modem protocol, you need the information listed below. If you do not have all of this information, contact your administrator.

Information you need
Windows modem (TAPI)
•       the server's phone number
•       the modem you want to use for this connection (if you have multiple modems configured on your computer)
•       the name of your connection script file (if you require a special connection script)
•       the line number you want to use for this connection (if your modem supports multiple lines)
FirstClass modem
•       the server's phone number
•       your modem type
•       the port to which your modem is connected
•       your phone type (dial or touch tone)
•       the name of your connection script (if you require a special connection script)
ISDN (CAPI) Adapter
•       the server's phone number
•       the ISDN protocols that are appropriate for your ISDN adapter and the server to which you are connecting

To configure your connection
1       Open the FirstClass FirstClass Login form.
If FirstClass is already running, choose Collaborate > Connect.
2       Make sure the settings file you want to configure is selected at "Address".
If the settings file for the server is not listed here, do one of the following:
•       click Browse to find and select it
•       update home.fc
•       create a new settings file for the server.
To create a new settings file, type the name you want to give the settings file at "Address".  If you are using Windows, make sure the name ends with .fc.
3       Click Setup.
4       Update the Service Setup form.
5       Click Configure.
6       Update the Settings tab of the Configure Connection form.