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Protocol used by basic Internet connections
Basic Internet connections use the UDP/IP protocol.

Information you must supply
To configure a basic Internet connection, you need the following information:
•       whether you are connecting directly to the server or through a proxy server (your company may use a proxy server if your internal network is protected by a firewall)
•       the server's IP address or domain name
•       the port number of the server
•       the proxy server's IP address and port number (if you are connecting through a proxy server).
If you do not have all of this information, contact your administrator.

To configure your connection
1       Open the FirstClass FirstClass Login form.
If FirstClass is already running, choose Collaborate > Connect.
2       Make sure the settings file you want to configure is selected at "Address".
If the settings file for the server is not listed here, do one of the following:
•       click Browse to find and select it
•       update home.fc
•       create a new settings file for the server.
To create a new settings file, type the name you want to give the settings file at "Address".  If you are using Windows or Linux, make sure the name ends with .fc.
3       Click Setup.
4       Update the Service Setup form.
5       Click Configure.
6       Update the Settings tab of the Configure Connection form.