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You can view events and tasks from several calendars combined. For example, if a group calendar is available for viewing combined with your personal calendar, you can open your personal calendar, then view the items from the group calendar in addition to your personal items.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
You aren't actually adding these items to the calendar permanently, and they don't affect what FirstClass sees as your busy times.
To combine several calendars into one view:
1       Open one of the calendars.
2       Click the Calendars tab in the Today list pane.
This tab lists all calendars that are available for combining.
3       Select the checkboxes for the calendars you want to add to the view.
If a calendar has a color assigned to it, all items from that calendar will appear with the same color.
Clearing a calendar's checkbox on the Calendars tab removes all items belonging to that calendar from the view.
To open one of the calendars on the Calendars tab in its own window, double-click it.