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Creating events directly in calendars
To add an event to a calendar:
1       Open the calendar.
2       Choose File > New > New Event.
81203_42521_14.png        Shortcuts

Use in views
Does what
Double-click the day's blank space or the date itself.
Opens a new event form with a start date of that day.
Double-click the start time.
work week
Opens a new event form with this start date and time.
Open the context menu and choose New Event.
Opens a new event form with a start date/time based on where you opened the context menu.
Click the start time and Control-drag (Windows, Linux) or Option-drag (Mac) to the end time.
work week
Opens a new event form with that start and end date/time.
Click the start date/time, type the event name, and press Enter/Return.
all except Today list
Creates an event at this start date/time.
To change the default start and end times, hover the cursor over them and drag when the cursor looks like a clock.
To color the event, choose Color from the context menu.
To add any other details, open the event.

3       Update the basic event information on the Event tab of the Event form.
The default start time and duration are based on values in your preferences. FirstClass looks for a free time slot within your normal work day (as defined by your preferences).
If you add reminders to the event, this icon is displayed beside the event:
Event participants will see these reminders based on their own preferences, no matter what you set here for yourself.
4       Update the Participants tab to invite participants, book resources that are in the Directory, and check that there are no conflicts.
If there are conflicts, you can reschedule the event using this tab.
5       Update the Advanced tab, if you want the event to show up repeatedly on the calendar or set other advanced options.
If you make the event repeat, this icon is displayed beside the event:
6       Attach files or add content just as you would for a message, if necessary.
7       Choose Message > Priority > Priority Urgent, if you want to make the event urgent.
The event will appear in bold on calendars.
8       Click Save and Close.
The event is added to your calendar and the calendars of all participants and booked resources.
81203_42521_14.png        Notes
If you don't have permission to add events to a user's calendar, or they don't have a personal calendar, the event is sent to that user's Mailbox as a message.
Events that you create in a group calendar are added directly to that calendar or to your personal calendar (with copies placed in the group calendar). The group calendar's permissions determine which method FirstClass uses. These events appear to come from the group calendar, not from yourself.

Adding events from other calendars
You can copy events from one calendar to another. This can be useful for adding events from group calendars to your personal calendar.
To copy an event to another calendar, drag it from the source calendar to the appropriate date on the target calendar.

Using messages and documents to create events
You can drag a message or document into an open calendar to create a new event. A copy of the message or document is attached to the event. The original message or document remains unchanged.
In day view, the event is created at the time to which the message or document was dragged.
In other views, the event is created at the first available time on the date to which the message or document was dragged.