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Use this form to replace some of the previous FirstClass Tools functionality.
Network sessions
Current values are greyed out in the right column.

Number of network sessions
Enter the number of connections you wish to configure (valid range is between 1 and 250, with no MP Option or VLS, 251-2500 with MP Option, 2501-5000 with VLS).
Number network sessions starting at
Enter the number at which you want network sessions to start (valid range is between 1 and 32000, inclusive).

Directory sort order
The current language is greyed out to the right.

Language code
Enter the desired language you want FirstClass to use when it sorts the Directory. For example, a setting of "en" (no quotes) instructs FirstClass to use the English language alphabet. This is also the default value.

Directory rebuild
If your Directory becomes damaged, you must rebuild the Directory. If a rebuild does not solve the problem, you should restore the old Directory immediately.
Click here to learn about when to perform a rebuild.
The date of the last rebuild is indicated.

Rebuild directory on Server restart
Select to perform a rebuild the next time the server is restarted.
Advanced rebuild options
Use alternate index
Uses a backup index. Remote names and routes are not included in the alternate index. If you select this option, they will be deleted from the Directory.
Select this option after a failed rebuild —for example, if the main index to the Directory is damaged. If your rebuild fails when you select this option, the alternate index is also damaged. In this case, you will have to restore your FirstClass network store from a recent backup.
Remove duplicates
Removes all duplicate entries from the Directory. Select this option if the Directory contains duplicate entries for the same conference or user. Duplicate entries might occur if you have converted a server that is using an older version of the FirstClass server software. This option increases the rebuild time by 25%.
Check associated files
Checks to make sure that all entries defined in the Directory exist. Occasionally, as a result of a power failure or other problem, the Directory might become inconsistent with the FirstClass network store, so that it contains entries for items no longer in the network store. Select this option if you want the rebuild process to check every entry in the Directory to make sure that the associated files and folders exist. If the files or folders are not found, that entry is deleted from the Directory.
Restore old directory
Select to restore the directory that existed before the last rebuild.
81203_40013_5.png        Warning
If you restore an older directory, you will lose all the directory changes since the last rebuild.
The results of the rebuild will be displayed on the Server console (Win) or Remote console or log file (Mac and Linux).