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Use this form to create a new discussion.
The icon associated with this message. To change the icon, click it, then click the new icon in the popup list.
This field is automatically filled in with your name.
Discussion Subject
The subject of the message.
This field is automatically filled in with the Discussions area. To add additional recipients, you can type partial names for recipients who are in the Directory. To add another recipient, press Enter/Return.
If you typed a partial name, and it is unique in the Directory, the rest of the name is filled in after you press Tab or Enter/Return. If the partial name is not unique, the Directory opens with a list of all the names that match. Select the name you want, then click To or drag the name from the Directory list to the "To" field. Names in bold are currently logged in.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
To open the Directory without typing a partial name, choose Collaborate > Directory, or type a space and press Enter/Return.
All files attached to this message. This field is only displayed after you attach a file.