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Form sections
Use this form to add an entry to the Directory and record information about this contact. Only you and others who have access to this information will see this entry in the Directory list.
This form has a body, like a message form, where you can store additional information.

Reset button
Reverts all values back to what was last saved.
Create Mail To button
Creates a message addressed to this contact.
Quick name
The contact's name as you want it to appear in the Directory.
If you don't update this field, it is automatically filled in from the name information in the General section after you save. You can change what FirstClass puts in this field.
51603_12419_11.png If you are a FirstClass Unified Communications user and you want to address messages using your phone, precede the person's name with a phone number. (Example, 9055554567 Bob Smith. When you address the message by phone, enter 9055554567 when prompted for the "To" name and the message will be delivered as a voice attachment to Bob's email address.)
Any category that is useful to you. Choose a category at the first field or type your own at the second field.

General section
Use this section to provide contact information.

Name & Contact Info
Last name
The contact's last name.
First name
The contact's first name.
The appropriate title, such as Mr. or Mrs.
Choose a value at the first field or type a title in the second field.
The contact's company.
Choose the type of information you want to add in this field.
The contact's email address.
The contact's mailing addresses.
You can supply a work and home address, plus one other address.
The Map button opens the map web page for the address. You can specify which map web site you want to use in your preferences.
Chat & Web
The contact's instant messaging service and ID. You can specify two instant messaging connections.
Web site
The URL for this contact's web site.
Choose the value you want at each field.
Birthday reminder
This is stored in FirstClass, but only works on the Palm.

Custom section
Use this section to supply information of your choice.

Notes section
Use this section to add freeform notes about the contact.

Synchronize entry with handheld device
Select this checkbox to synchronize this contact with device 1 defined on the Handheld Devices tab of the Preferences form.
Select this checkbox to synchronize this contact with device 2.
Select this checkbox to synchronize this contact with device 3.
Select this checkbox to synchronize this contact with device 4.

Attachments section
Use this section to attach files to this contact. Attach files just as you would to a message.
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