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Use this form to create a signed and/or encrypted message using S/MIME.

The icon associated with this message.
To change the icon, click it, then click the new icon in the popup list. To see a fuller list of icons, Control-click (Windows, Linux) or Option-click (Mac) the icon.
This field is automatically filled in with your name.
If you are sending the message over the Internet, you can pick the Internet mail alias you want recipients to see by clicking the button beside your name, then choosing the alias. Anyone who receives your message over the Internet won't see your FirstClass user name, just your Internet alias.
The subject of the message.
The recipients' names. To add multiple recipients, press Enter/Return after each one.
You can type a partial name for a recipient who is in the Directory. A list opens containing all the names in the Directory that match. Names in bold are currently logged in. Double-click the name you want.
81203_42935_18.png        Tips
If you know that what you have typed is unique in the Directory, press Tab. The rest of the name will be filled in.
To open the Directory without typing a partial name, just type a space. Select the name you want, then click To.
You can fill in all the address fields while the Directory is still open by clicking the appropriate buttons.
To move to the "Cc" field, press Tab.
Fill in this field like the "To" field., except drag the name to the "Cc" field or, in the whole Directory, click Cc.
These recipients are copied on the message.
Fill in this field like the "To" field, except drag the name to the "Bcc" field or, in the whole Directory, click Bcc.
This field isn't initially visible to you, and is never visible to "To" and "Cc" recipients. It allows you to copy people without your other recipients being aware of these copies.
To show the "Bcc" field, choose View > Show Bcc. You can hide this field while editing the message by choosing View > Hide Bcc.
S/MIME type
The security that you want to apply to this message:
Verifies the sender's identification and also verifies that the message contents haven't been altered in transit.
Encrypts the message contents.
Signed & Encrypted
Does both.
2102006_35208_0.png Only required if you specified a password for your private key. If you did, you must supply this password with every S/MIME message you send.
The private key's password.
All files attached to this message.
This field is only displayed after you attach a file.

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