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This form appears to remind you of an upcoming calendar event or task.

Starts at
The event or task start time.
How long the event is scheduled to last, or the time between the task's start and due dates.
Ends at/Due at
The event's end time or task's due date.
Time zone
The time zone in which the event or task was created.
Where the event will take place.
How long to wait before showing this reminder again.
Only specify a time if you want to be reminded a second time. Choose a time or type your own.
If you choose a time, you can either choose the time between this appearance of the reminder and when you want to see it again, or the time before the start time at which you want the reminder to reappear.
Details button
Opens the event or task.
Snooze button
Closes the reminder and reopens it at the time you specified at "Snooze".
Dismiss button
Closes the reminder and doesn't show it again.

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