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Use this form to add a route to another server.

Makes the route unlisted. Only users with the View Unlisted privilege can see the route in the Directory and address mail to it.
Route name
The name of the route you want to add.
Domain name
Allows you to use the route as a kind of Internet alias for a domain.
You have a route named Europe where you want to send all mail for the domain In this example, you would type in this field. When mail addressed to arrives, it will be readdressed as Jean Pierre,Europe and sent on.
Route via gateway
The name of the gateway to the server that is the next hop on the path to the destination server. Mail sent to this route is delivered to this gateway's Mailbox.
Site ID
The serial number of the final remote server. All FirstClass Servers have a unique serial number.
The cost of sending a message over this route. This arbitrary number is used when servers are setting up routing tables. Enter a number that accurately reflects the relative costs of different routes.
If this gateway is very expensive to use (for example, an ISDN connection), or one that you do not wish to use, enter a high value for the Routing cost (>1000). If this is a preferred gateway you wish to use for all routing, enter a low value (0).
If two gateways provide a route to the same destination server, your server updates the routing information only if a lower-cost route is available. If you do not enter anything in this field, the default cost is 0.
Last updated
Shows how the last update was performed.