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Use this form to choose the user activities to log in user statistics files.

Start new log file
Choose when to start a new log file (No Logging, Daily, or Monthly).
Statistics folder path
Enter the full path (including drive) to the folder containing user statistics files. This folder can have any name and can be located on any writable volume accessible from the server.
81203_42521_14.png         Note
For FirstClass on Mac OS X, the statistics folder path you set when completing the Statistics Control form must be an fcadmin/admin writable directory. The recommended path is: /Library/FirstClass Server/Stats.
Log format
Default (8.0 and higher) format is a tab-delimited file format which includes the fixed date, session numbers, IP address and primary OU.
7.1 compatible format is a comma-delimited file which does not include the IP address or primary OU.
Journaling control
Choose the actions you want to record in the user statistics files.
Performance summary
Choose the interval at which you want a server performance summary printed to the user statistics file.