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Use this form to set the gateway password and other Directory information for gateways and services.

User ID
The serial number of the remote server for gateways, or the service account number for FirstClass services.
Last Name
Name of the gateway or service.
Location of the FirstClass network store.
Last logged in
The date on which the service account last logged into the gateway.
Gateway password.
If this is the form for the FirstClass Directory Services' gateway, this must be your FirstClass scripting password.
For Voice Services, FCAS and Internet Services, this must be the same password entered and saved on the service account's settings file.
If FirstClass is generating a secure password for you, leave this field blank. It will be updated automatically.
Domain name
Gateway domain name.
Administrator comments.
The groups that can see this gateway in their Directory.
Select if you do not want this Gateway to appear in the Directory. It will still be visible to the administrator and to those users with the View Unlisted privilege.
Daily time limit
The maximum number of minutes the service can connect to the gateway during one day (from 12:01 AM to midnight).  
This overrides the default set on the System Profile.
Session inactivity limit
The maximum number of minutes the service can be inactive during a session before being logged off.