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Palm Sync
About FirstClass Palm Sync
How FirstClass applications map to Palm PIM applications

PalmOne synchronize handheld portable HotSync transfer update contacts address book information mail phone bidirectional calendar tasks events memos considerations Mark/Space Missing Sync conduits VersaMail TreoMail

Palm Desktop HotSync Missing Sync upgrades download conduits
Configuring FirstClass Palm Sync on your Palm device
Configuring FirstClass Palm Sync on your FirstClass Desktop
cradle wireless HotSync Missing Sync network FCSetup User ID Password Server Log Level Encryption Port Proxy Time Zone Preferences form
Synchronizing with FirstClass Palm Sync
Changing the synchronization defaults
HotSync Missing Sync custom configure default conduit sync

reinstall FCSetup restore synchronize data Hotsync Missing Sync install reconfigure
Windows standard Mac conduits installer
Synchronization Services
How FirstClass Synchronization Services works
calendar events contacts tasks remote applications mobile phones smartphones email SyncML configure user ID password Blackberry Outlook
Basic SyncML device setup
databases clients requirements Symbian Blackberry Outlook Lotus Palm Treo PocketPcs Nexthaus Synthesis profile Smartphones TCP/IP
Removing a device
SyncML device databases Outlook initial one-way slow sync handheld Unique identifier Active Conflict resolution Contacts Calendar Tasks customize Blackberry duplicates consolidate
Synchronizing for the first time
SyncML copy contacts vCard calendar vCalendar slow full local remote profile databases 2-way
SyncML contacts calendar