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Creating podcasts
A podcast is a collection of audio or video tracks or clips (episodes). You first create a podcast to hold your episodes, then you create your episodes inside it.
To create a podcast:
1       Open Web Publishing.
2       Open the folder in which you want your podcast, if necessary.
3       Click New Web Page.
4       Select Podcast.
5       Open the podcast.
6       Click View in Browser to see the default appearance of your podcast.
7       Change the appearance, if desired.
Click Appearance, then select the template you want your podcast to use. You can view your choice by clicking View in Browser.
8       Change the default podcast name, if desired.
Choose Rename from the context menu to make the name editable. Type the new name, then press Enter/Return.

How others can access your podcast
FirstClass podcasts support RSS feed readers, so others can subscribe to your podcast. FirstClass RSS support adds these objects to your podcast page when it is viewed in your web site:
•       a subscribe button
People who have a browser that displays this button can simply click it to subscribe to your podcast.
•       a "Feed URL" field
People can copy and paste this URL into non-Apple podcast-watching software. This field also gives you the URL you need to submit your podcast to the iTunes Music Store.
•       an XML button
People who have a browser that can't display the subscribe button can hover their cursor over the XML button. This displays the URL to use for accessing your podcast with their RSS reader.
•       an Open this Podcast in iTunes button.
Launches the iTunes program and points it at this podcast.

Providing more information about podcasts
FirstClass podcasts support RSS, so that they can be served to the iTunes Music Store. You can add more information about your podcast, such as album art, a copyright statement, and update frequency, that can be used by the iTunes Music Store. To do this:
1       Select the podcast.
2       Click Edit Podcast Details.
3       Update the Podcast Details form.