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Creating messages

To create a message using
Do this
the standard message form
Choose Message > New Message.
a special message form
Choose Message > New Message Special, then the appropriate form.

Using stationery
To use stationery:
1       Double-click the stationery to open a copy of the message form.
2       Fill in the missing information.
3       Send the message as you would any other message.

Changing message forms
If you don't want to create a message using an open form, choose File > Delete.

Changing your email address for Internet recipients
If you are using the FirstClass version of the standard message form to send a message over the Internet, you can choose which address you want to appear at "From". Anyone who receives your message over the Internet won't see your FirstClass user name, just your Internet address.
To choose an address, click the button to the right of your name, then choose the address from the popup list.