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You can search containers for objects that contain specific text. If you use the Find form to do this, you have more control over the search.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
The fewer characters you search on, the more objects you are likely to find. For example, searching on "categor" will find "category" and "categories".

Quick list view search
To search for text that is visible in list view, simply type the text. FirstClass will jump to, and highlight, the first instance of this text. To see the next instance, choose Edit > Find Next.
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You can continue using Find Next in a different container.

Quick filter search
2102006_35208_0.png Doesn't apply to objects in icon views or the tree view in the navigation pane.
To display only objects that contain specific text that is visible, type that text at the quick filter field:
All open panes will be filtered.
If you don't see this field on your toolbar, you can add it just as you would any toolbar button.
To display all objects again without closing the container, and clear the filter field, click the field's Clear button:

Searching using the Find form
To search for objects that contain specific text, or have attachments or histories that contain this text:
1       Open the container you want to search.
2       Choose Edit > Find.
3       Fill in the Find form.
Keep in mind that the more narrowly you focus the search, the more relevant the search results are likely to be.
The search results window opens. As objects are found, they are listed in this window.
Some facts about searching:
•       the name of the object currently being searched is displayed at the right of the summary bar in the search results window
•       you can work with objects in the search results window before the search finishes
•       you can do the same sorts of things with these objects that you normally do (for example, you can reply to a message)
•       searching takes place in the background; you can do other things in FirstClass during a search
•       FirstClass notifies you with a sound when the search is complete
•       you can cancel a search in progress by clicking Stop or closing the search results window.
81203_42935_18.png        Tip
You can filter the search results window using the Filter field on the toolbar just as you can filter any other window.