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You can format paragraphs as a series of bullet points in a list. Each paragraph starts with a bullet, which is displayed automatically when you start a new paragraph right after a bullet paragraph. When you are finished your list, simply turn off bullets.
You can use the default bullet appearance and indentation or customize your own.
To make a selected paragraph bulleted using the default bullet, choose Format > Bulleted List. To turn off bullets, choose this menu command again.
To customize bullets:
1       Select the paragraph.
2       Choose Format > Format Paragraphs.
You can change the paragraph indentation on this form.
3       Select "Use bullet", if this paragraph isn't already bulleted.
4       Specify the number of pixels you want between the bullet and the rest of the paragraph at "Spacing".
5       Click Format if you want to change the bullet appearance.
6       Update the Format Bullets form.
If you want this bullet to be the new default, click Save as Default on this form.
To change an existing bullet, select the bullet paragraph, then choose Format > Format Bullets.