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We assume that your connection is already set up and working properly. We only discuss how to tell FirstClass about your connection. If you don't know what connection type to use after reading this help, contact your administrator.
These are the ways you can connect to a FirstClass server:

local network
Your computer is plugged into a high-performance local area network (LAN) that allows you to communicate with any other computer within the network.
This is the most common method for people connecting from medium- to large-sized businesses. You may also hear the term TCP/IP applied to this type of connection.
Your computer connects to the server through the Internet. There are several levels of Internet connections:
high-speed Internet
An Internet connection that is fast and causes few problems. It may use a cable or DSL modem.
A basic Internet connection that is not always reliable (you get errors and disconnects).
dialup Internet
A connection that dials up to connect to the Internet.
modem Only applies to Windows.
Your computer connects directly to the server through a modem. The modem used by your computer uses a telephone line to communicate with a modem at the server site.
There are several types of modem connections, including ISDN. You may also hear the term TAPI for your type of connection.