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Viewing events
As is the case for messages, an event that was sent to you is flagged as unread until you open it.
Opening an event lets you view all its details. In month or week view, you can see the same details you see in day view in the event's tooltip.
If the event includes a mail list as a participant, you can see who belongs to the mail list by selecting it from the Scheduling tab, then choosing Open User Info Form from the context menu.

Responding to invitations
When you receive an event invitation, open the event, then click the appropriate button:

Accepts the invitation.
Accepts the invitation, but indicates that you may be unavailable.
Declines the invitation and creates a reply message so that you can provide an explanation.

An icon corresponding to your response is placed beside your name on the Participants tab.
81203_42521_14.png        Note
If the person who invited you isn't on your server, she will see neither this icon nor any indication in the event history that you accepted or declined. For this reason, a reply is always created for that person.

Sending invitations over the Internet
If you invite someone who has an Internet address (an address that contains @) to participate in your event, the recipient will receive a message with a vCalendar attachment. This attachment can be imported into the recipient's own calendaring application.